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Opsite Flexifix Transparent Film Rolls…..

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OPSITE ™ FLEXIFIX ™ Transparent Film Roll


  • Transparent
  • Conformable
  • Unique roll format



  • OPSITE ™ Film – The film is waterproof and aids in the prevention of bacterial contamination. Its high moisture vapor permeability helps prevent the accumulation of perspiration and fluid under the dressing. The acrylic adhesive minimizes the risk of skin damage on removal, especially after long periods of wear.
  • Adaptable to awkward areas – OPSITE ™ FLEXIFIX ™ has been designed to allow easy application of the film to awkward areas of the body and over dressings and tubes. The film is highly conformable and extensible to increase patient comfort.
  • Unique roll system – The unique and novel roll format enables rapid and economical use of the OPSITE ™ film to create comfortable, waterproof fixation for dressings.



  • Retention of primary dressings Low Adherent Dressings or ALLEVYN ™ Hydrocellular Hydrophillic Polyurethane Wound Dressing
  • Fixation of tubing
  • Attachment of leg bags, stoma devices, etc.


Instructions for Use:


Step 1

  • Cut off the desired length of film from roll.


Step 2

  • Fold the strip along its length to crack the protective papers. Remove the backing paper marked No.1 “remove first”.


Step 3

  • Apply the adhesive film to desired area and smooth down.


Step 4

  • Remove the green squared grid carrier, marked No 3.


Step 5

  • To remove the film, gently stretch the film parallel to the skin and lift off.

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